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Obstetrics Gynecology Treatments

Women's Wellness Clinic @ Asian Bariatrics Dedicated to Women Through Every Stage of their Life

Gynec Issues

Infection | Abnormal Bleeding | Polyp Fibroid & Adenomyosis | Prolapse-Pelvic floor defect & recontruction

Reproductive Issues

Infertility | Repeated Abortions | Preconceptional Counselling | Antenatal Checkups

Adolecent Issues

Menstrual Hygiene | Irregular Cycles | PCOS | Nutrition & Beauty | Acne & hirsuitism

Menopause Issues

Hot Flashes | Initabily & Mental Health | Irregular Cycles | Stress Incontinence | Hormone Therapy | Skin, Hair,Bone & Sexual Health

Cancer Prevention

Breast Cancer | Ovarian Cancer | Uterine Cancer | Cervical Cancer | Cancer Prevention Checkups & advice

Laparoscopy Surgeries

Lap Tubal Ligation | Lap Hysterectomy | Diagnostic Laparo & Hysteroscopy | Adhesiolysis and Lap Ovarian Cyst

Cosmetic Gynecology

Vaginoplasty | Labiaplasty | Hymenoplasty | Laser Vaginal Tightening